What is Efoil Experience ?

eFoil experience is the only eFoil (electric hydrofoil) school in the entire Costa Rica, based in Sámara, Guanacaste province. We also operate in Garza and Carillo beaches.

If you want to try an eFoil experience or just to get out on an eFoil before you buy one, we have you covered.

With our eFoil, you will not only ride a powered board, you can rise up on the hydrofoil to literally fly above the sea, no wind, waves or towing required.
This new activity is like no other !

Come and experience the thrill of flying above the water !

Our Boards

Our Boards

We have 4 efoil, with multiple wings size.
We will recommend which wing is the best for you to give different riders the experience they desire:
– Three are for riders between 100-220 lbs (45-100 kg), with more stability and flotation.
– One is for riders between 100-185 lbs (45-83 kg), this board is shorter sporty and make tighter turns.

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

What does an efoil look like ?
An efoil is composed with the board, the foil and wings, a wireless bluetooth hand controller, and an advanced high energy density battery to power a silent electric motor.
Everything is controled by a fully programmable computer.
Our boards are of the highest quality and construction, built with resistant material.

Our Services

✔ We will teach you the essential basics and guide you through the learning process to efoil.
✔ We will provide everything you need to navigate.
✔ We garantee that you will have fun in your first class with us.

For everyone

The eFoil is designed to offer an easy-to-use
experience for users of all kind.


Inquire about photography/film to take this
incredible opportunity home with you.

Environment friendly

Since the eFoil is an electric board, noise is
limited and there is no gas emission !


We provide helmet and vest as our goal is to go out,
be safe, have fun, avoid injury and breakage !

An instructor is in the water with you coaching from another eFoil.

Our Packages

eFoil Discovery tour

Easy and safe for everybody, Ideal for beginners :

Crucing in the bay over clear waters, enjoying pictorest views, getting closer to Isla Chora,  watching fish / snorkeling when conditions are good.

You will stay on the belly,on the knees or sitting  for a safe learning environment.

duration : 1 hour included a light ground training for safety aspects

>Price :$60 USD/pers

(suitable for 2 people)

eFoil Discovery Lesson

This learning package is to get up and learn to safely ride the eFoil. Goal is to be confortable with the board and the trigger before trying to lift the board. 

Typically it takes between 20-40min to get a new rider up on the board and riding the eFoil.

Depending of your experience, you will begin to learn to fly by practicing the « Touch and Go’s » witch is the step before flying !  

It includes :

The groung school training (safety aspects and using instructions)

And then you choose between :

  • ½ hour in-water session, Price : $60 USD
  • 1 hour in-water session, Price : $105 USD

Fantastic experience garanteed.

eFoil Flying Lesson

Only applies after the eFoil Discovery Lesson.

For people who want/need more time to express themself and want to continue working on their skill, to master the ride and the curves on the hydrofoil.

You aleady learnd the trigger control, how to safely fall and how to control the board by training your musles. Means that you are ready to fly over the water.

It includes :

The groung school flying lesson,

And then you choose between :

  • ½ hour in-water session, Price : $50 USD
  • 1 hour in-water session, Price : $80 USD

Highly Qualified Team

We will be there making sure you’re learning safe, effective techniques

Ingrid Onraet

Founder / Instructor

Originally from France, I grew up in Ivory Coast. Free surfer for more than 20 years, with a passion for the ocean, traveling and living new experiences.

I started with the simple dream of flying on the water with this new and innovative device. I opened a place where we can share this experience and move up the activity with others.


Jeremy Longin


I’m a French athlete in water sports such as kayak & wake board. In addition, I has over 12 years experience as a snowboarder. I enjoy nature, traveling and exploring new environments.

I’m passionate about new sports and technologies and efoil is the perfection combination of both!

Contact us

To book your session, call/whatsapp us or send an email.


+506 8516-7277




Sámara beach, in front of the bahia hotel, Costa Rica

Business Hours

Everyday…… 8 am – 5 pm

Playa Samara is a long white sand beach with shallow and gentle waters.
It has also a nice coral reef and it own picturesque wooded island in the bay,
« Isla Chora ».

It’s popular with swimmers and surfers and it’s kids friendly.